• The above angle of a chocolate cookie with marshmallows and chocolate chips on the top.
  • The above angle of a  cookie with pretzels and chocolate chips.

Cara's Cookie Company

Where cookie adventure awaits!

About us

In 2018 we were excited of news that we were having our first child together (we were a blended family with much older kids already). In our 35th week we were told our daughter Cara had a tumor in her head and our only chance was to get her out and see if anything could be done to save her. It was aggressive and didn't stop growing once we had her, taking her away 50 days later. Her head grew so large that only a huge hat made by a friend would fit her (that's Cara in the basket). It was a tough 50 days full of ups and downs, hope and doubt, lots of love and encouragement from our circle and community. After her passing we immediately wanted to start a charity that could possibly help families in similar situations, so Cara's life had a purpose. @caras_purpose was born.

At fundraisers in 2019 (we had so many and are so thankful for those who partnered with us) we made cookies as an offering of thanks. Well, people liked those cookies 2020 and the Pandemic took those fundraisers away so we felt we needed to try and start a business that not only could thrive and make people happy, but also support the charity and its little ripple of hope for others. Cara we feel had an adventurous spirit and in some ways took the leap and journey well before us, and we look forward to seeing her again. The "hot air balloon cookie" is navigated by Cara naturally and adventure is hopefully in all our futures, especially our guests as she travels from town to town, state to state, country to country to bring unique flavors to your cookie experiences. We feel we've found a home at @gibsonmillncmarket and have a good support system there.